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Ideas and Concepts emerge through a deep understanding of client's needs, wants and vision for the new premises thus the team takes time to listen to our clients through design discussions. Afterwhich the design team works on conceptualizing what would work to give the best look and feel for our client's new premises from the point of entry, through the client areas, operational areas all the way to the back-end sections.

Our designers approach Client's design requirements from multi-faceted perspectives to ensure that no area is missed out from aesthetics, pragmatics, ergonomics, health & safety. This is done through constant open communication with Clients. The end result is a complete concept bespoke to the needs and visions of the Client.


Our clients are considered design team members right from the very beginning as this is where we come in to work on providing solutions to their spaces. The design stage begins as early as during pre-lease periods where we assist our Clients in assessing their potential spaces with calculations, 'bubble diagram', test-fit plans.With the space firmed, our Team goes into detail with Strategic workspace planning by closely studying together with our Clients, their business needs ,operational workflow, allocation of departments plus relationships thus to ensure balance in planning.

The design team, together with our clients, would progress from the initial workspace planning into areas to develop the entire feel of the space ensuring Harmony in the elements, Balance in symmetrical areas, Focal points punctuated into the space to create interest, Rhythm to connect the entire office from front to back with play of repetition, progression and transition of design, and finally Details being the gel that binds all the other elements giving a holistic design.


With Designs and Concepts firmed, the team moves into the stage where the Details area developed through intricate allocations of fixtures, which we call the 'nuts and bolts' of the pre-construction process. Our designers would base on all confirmed concepts to start working on the Detailing documents where clients would be able to understand how each fixture, cabinetry or counter shall be customized and given the option to amend or change areas on the fixtures should they have a different preference.

This seals the Design with the firming up of the full details starting from the Space Plan to areas Material Finishes, Wall Finishes, Floor Finishes ,Custom-made Furniture, System Furniture etc. The Design team also prepares from an Engineering angle where the design also goes through our Project team together with our MEP engineers which would plan in the allocations from a Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection inclusive of Fire Safety angles.

The team runs through with the Client on all the details prepared and seeks approval before even any form of construction is to begin. This ensures that Clients are made aware of what they would be expecting from the completed design and also playing a critical role as a team member in the Design Team.

Project Management

With the details and all finishes confirmed, the approved documentation are briefed to the Project Team, who would execute the project through careful planning and scheduled coordination with vendors. The project team would also work with the building authorities, government authorities and landlords in getting the clearance and establishing good work relationships for a smooth execution of the site works.

As a BizSafe3 company, the project team ensures that all areas which relate to Health and Safety in the workplace and site are checked and managed. This gives assurance to both the clients and also our vendors that we have a system implemented to protect all parties in the workspace.

The project team would manage all resources through consistant monitoring, communication with client and vendors, compulsory site meetings in order to clarify any discrepancies or doubts. Our project managers work hard on evaluating areas of risk and mitigating all these risk factors through constant communication with all vendors and partners. This ensures timely delivery of our projects to clients.




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